Dealing with Perfectionism

June 24, 2024

Dealing with Perfectionism

Amita Devnani, a well-known counseling psychologist and life coach, released a new podcast episode about the stress caused by trying to be perfect. She talks with Mrs. Ambika Warrier, a respected rehabilitation psychologist, about the hidden problems of perfectionism and how to deal with them.

The episode, called “Dealing with Perfectionism,” looks at why people strive for perfection and how it affects their lives. Amita and Ambika share practical tips to help listeners manage the stress that comes with perfectionism and find a healthier balance in life.

Key points include:


Why people become perfectionists and how it shows up in their lives The hidden downsides of always trying to be perfect

Ways to reduce stress from perfectionism Real-life stories and examples

Tips for being kinder to yourself and setting realistic goals


Amita Devnani’s podcast covers many mental health topics, giving useful advice for personal growth and well-being. You can find the episode on her YouTube channel and social media pages.


Youtube Channel: Compassionate Minds By Amita Devnani

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