Relationship Issues

We are passionate and dedicated to improving the quality of people's relationships. We offer specialized family and relationship counseling designed to increase emotional intimacy, personal satisfaction, and overall connectedness with each other.

Our life coach psychologists understand the importance of forming a positive working alliance with each individual, developing and sharing an understanding of the relationship concerns, and working together to develop practical and positive ways of changing relationship patterns.

Counseling can help a couple to:

  • Understand the patterns in their relationship
  • Identify the issues preventing a healthy lifestyle and happy relationship
  • Rediscover emotional feelings and increase emotional intimacy
  • Explore practical solutions to solvable issues
  • To improve communication and honesty
  • Deal with gridlock or unsolvable issues
  • Improve negotiation of needs and expectations
  • Identify boundaries and what one is willing (or not willing) to do for the relationship's future

Our life coach psychologists do not judge who is right or wrong, nor instruct or persuade on whether people should leave or stay together.

Relationship therapy is designed to understand the relationship problems, recognize the relationship strengths, identify positive solutions and explore people's willingness and commitment to improving the relationship overall.