Life Coach

My name is Amita Devnani, and Psychologist and Life Coach with an impactful presence in Coaching and Training. I have not only achieved financial success but have also crafted a legacy rooted in Life coaching purpose and passion. I am eager to assist you in creating the passion and purpose of your life that ignites your heart & soul.

Why Life Coaching Is Required:

Do you want to work on your Personal development?

Do you want to work on your mindset shift?

Working on your negative belief system?

Do you want to build confidence and resilience in yourself?

Are you struggling to balance your work and personal life?

Are you facing a Trauma issue?

Do you have work performance issues?

Are you struggling to make better relationships with yourself?

What you can expect out of it?

Getting Self-awareness

Growth Mindset

Better Relationships

New thinking Pattern

Clarity in vision