What you should know about Child Depression?

January 23, 2022

What you should know about Child Depression?

Mental illness, anxiety, lack of presence of mind, inappropriate social behavior, violence, etc. are getting seen more often in children with every passing year. The small, tender flowers of our family garden are now much closer to knowing things way before they need to get known. Now in such cases, the mental imbalances are normal, because children and teenagers are very prone to not being able to handle the situation on their own most of the time.

With the fast lifestyle of every day today, children seem to appear as left-alone people. Though parents try very hard to not let their babies stay out of the league, a busy schedule can't help them much, and the worst thing is, they still can't do anything about it.

But, this isn't the end of the story…

If you see your child doing weird things out of loneliness, lack of friends, or out of any reason, there's no need to worry much about it. If depression is capturing your child's mind, that doesn't mean you have to throw them in a mental hospital.

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Here are a few things you should know about child/adolescent depression -

Weakness is not Depression -
There can be times when children don't like to eat much or do certain activities like playing, studying, etc. But that doesn't mean they are having depression, it can simply mean that they are feeling uneasy with something. So there's nothing to panic much about the natural situation. The human body is not the same at times and children can't understand what's happening with their mood swings, or emotions, sometimes they may need assistance. Depression can make your child feel weak from the inner self, but a weak lifestyle will obviously add to their problems.

Communication makes Better -
You may worry about your child all day long, but if you are not able to communicate with them on a regular basis then you are not raising them the right way. It's not everything you need to talk about with your child, but asking them about their day, making them explain themselves about all the things they did, what they got to know, how they felt. These are conversations that may seem very normal to do but have a very large impact on the brains of your child. The kindergarten age to teenage journey of children applies to taking care of their overall surroundings wherever they are supposed to live. Whether it's school, park, their living room, or playground. What they will see happening right in front of their eyes, they will be taking it as an example, as a reference for making it happen in their actual life.

Understanding is the Key -
Those people who literally do a lot of show-off in the name of childcare, actually pay little attention to them. Understanding your child's mindset isn't rocket science to their parents, but it shouldn't be limited to misleading your child about everything by distracting their attention from the original problem. Like this, you won't ever be able to understand your baby. Instead, letting your teenager speak about themselves, helping them make their decisions by themselves, supervising them while they do activities all by themselves, paying attention to the child's personal interests and helping them develop them, giving them right advice to groom their personality. In these many ways, and there are endless of them you can apply to understand your child better.

Different doesn't mean Wrong -
There are approximately 8 billion humans in this world and all of them have different personalities. A person looks different from one another, but collective lookout may seem different when it comes to physical features, mindset, and social keep-ups. If your child looks different from others, speaks differently, and works in a different way, it doesn't mean they are wrong, until they are actually harming anyone or disturbing them. A changed, new mindset with new ideas always seems wrong, very weird at the start. Very powerful personalities, you can take any references from our nation, they have all developed their higher self with different roads, much harder than what the majority people drive on. The sun, the ultimate source of light, has to burn while day itself in order to be called the Sun. So different is DIFFERENT, not wrong.

Maybe you will stop scolding your child for being different, or maybe speaking otherwise next time from now :)

Still, if there is anything that you do not find good in your child, you can even take help from the professionals like mental illness doctors, mental issues advisors, psychological practitioners, etc.