What are the main reasons for Child & Adolescents depression?

January 04, 2022

What are the main reasons for Child & Adolescents depression?

What are the main reasons for Child & Adolescents depression?
The world is still fighting the COVID situation on a high note. Drastic changes have been witnessed all around the world & still, humans are walking the double-edge sword of danger. Well, things are getting even more dangerous as the rise in mental issues among children & teenagers have been reported more than double during this time.

Child & Adolescents depression -
A human being goes through many phases of their life right from their childhood to the very adult and finally the old age. The mental balance of the body is as much necessary as the physical maintenance and lookout. Depression happens or starts to occur when the human mind is unable to cope with the underlying situations, tensions, or matters which affect them on a continuous basis. So, technically, one can define depression as a slow-moving, abruptly affecting, serious mental condition that negatively affects a person's overall mindset.

A hula-hoop change in the lifestyle, especially during the COVID times had cast a great disorder in the everyday schedule of the children and teenagers. Technology, on the other hand, is now very easy to access. On one hand, it is making things easier, but the unseen side comes with a lot of misleads for the future generation. One recent case gathered news headlines where a teenager was unable to recognize his own parents and other family members after being hypnotized by his mobile phone which he was continuously using for playing video games for 5 days, sleepless.

Clearly, the state of mind defines the state of life and these days have been solely dedicated to the use of technology to the best of its extent. Be it the child of an extremely tender age of 4 years, or a teenager of 15 years, all of these people are having their personal mobile phones which they are operating abruptly. So being inactive physically for a long time and not using a huge part of the day for doing physical activities are ultimately going to increase the tension inside the body and in no manner, it is going to help the youngsters to have a good lifestyle.

Another very common reason for a juvenile easily getting into depression is, the lack of communication with their family members and not being taken care of emotionally. Parents do have a lot of responsibilities and they really work hard on every front to fulfill the needs of their children. But still, the rising cases of mental disorders in children are alarming at the lack of proper attention on this very basic aspect of living life. When children grow, they get hugely affected by the overall environment in which they are living. So, if not talked about on a daily note, they may be unable to share some of their never-seen experiences with their guardians.

Teenage & Human mind -
Teenagers and children go through a lot of changes at their developing age of physical and mental growth. This involves anxiety, irritation, helplessness, insomnia, urge, restlessness, and a continuous flood of thoughts that runs through their mind. Being unable to do something, or not performing well in their academic, personal life, loneliness, social pressure, incapability of doing something results in creating a great mental pressure, which may be very heavy for the tender minds to lift. So again this is one of the big causes that children are not capable of handling the situation, or in the absence of any/every immediate help to them, they may feel mentally unprepared for their upcoming life. This kind of feeling changes a person completely. You may see a depressed child sitting alone somewhere, talking less or almost no talking, remaining inactive for a long time, not interested in any group events, no laughing, etc.

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But it's not like the way it is, remember every coin has two phases. So child/teenage depression is curable and absolutely removable. Consulting a good psychiatrist, or opting for a short-time good and effective mental counseling will definitely prove a great help for the children. The best attempt anyone can start off is the family members, especially the mother and father of the children. The child needs to feel safe and protected on his/her emotional cause, so family members will be playing a very crucial role in the rebuilding of the children's healthy mindset.