Types of Intelligence

July 04, 2022

Types of Intelligence

Types Of Intelligence:

In 1983 an American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9
types of intelligence. When other scientists considered them as soft skills
Gardner recognized them as intelligence skills as he mentioned, being a math's
person gives you the understanding of numbers, the same way interpersonal
skills give you the understanding of human’s nature which is not everybody’s
cup of tea.

You have to be aware of your senses and remind them about your intelligence
skill. These skills help an individual to cope with stress relief, anxiety, depression and
other mental health related issues. They directly help your brain to function in a
stress-free manner.

Every human being’s mind is designed in such a way that they can develop the
intelligence skills mentioned below:

Spatial- Visualizing the world in 3 dimensions. This intelligence helps an individual to have mental imaginary skills. Painters, architects, sailors, and pilots have highly developed spatial intelligence. People with this intelligence daydream and show interest in puzzles and mazes.

Naturalist- Understanding living things and reading nature gives you sensitivity towards the natural world. People having naturalist intelligence also pursue their career in the field of botanist or chef.

Musical- Discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm and timbre. This intelligence helps us to
understand, produce, and react to music. Interestingly there is a connection between music and
emotions. Music highly affects your mood and thinking.

Logical Mathematical- Quantifying things, making hypotheses and providing them. It helps us in understanding and perceiving relationships and connections. Usually it is seen that mathematicians, Scientists and detectives have well developed logical mathematical intelligence.

Existential- Tackling the questions of why we live and why we die. This is very deep intelligence where people are always questioning human existence and deep thoughts. They have different views on how to see the world.

Interpersonal- Sensing people’s feelings and motives. This intelligence helps an individual to understand and interact effectively with other human beings. People with this intelligence develop sensitivity to the moods and temperaments of others.

Bodily Kinesthetic- Coordinating your mind with your body. This intelligence helps an individual to develop the sense of timing and perfection of skills through mind and body. This type of intelligence is highly developed in dancers, athletes, surgeons, crafts people.

Linguistics- Finding the right words to express what you mean. This intelligence helps us to understand the order and meaning of words and with the usage of meta- linguistic skills to use in language. This type of intelligence is widely seen in poets, novelists, and public speakers.

Intra personal- Understanding yourself, what you feel and what you want. This intelligence is vividly seen in psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual readers. As they help an individual to introduce oneself.