Tips For Maintaining Psychological Health 

May 31, 2022

Tips For Maintaining Psychological Health 

Tips for maintaining psychological health 

Is psychological health simply the absence of mental disease or mental illness? If so, a lot of people are perfect from a psychological standpoint. Is the absence of physical disease the same thing as being physically healthy? Some people think that there’s more to being healthy than being disease free. Unfortunately, that’s not completely true, infect it will raise more questions moving further. 

According to Adam Cash psyD, psychological health is broadly as optimal living (living in the moment). This is a safe position because individuals can tweak the meaning of optimal living to fit their own values. 

Optimal living can be taken as subjective view (based on feelings and emotions rather than facts and figures) of psychological health.  

Psychological health involves being healthy, I have never met a person who didn’t want to be happy, even if being happy meant being miserable. You can’t escape the desire to be happy.  

So, here are some tips to be psychologically happy: 

Accept yourself: 

 It’s not a bad idea to believe in yourself and accept the fact that nobody is perfect nor you. One must never underestimate the power of believing in their abilities and valuing your uniqueness. 


Stay connected and nurture relationships: 

Sometimes it seems like modern lives are lonely. Everyone speeds around in their cars or stares at a computer screen all day, isolated from others and busy with the details of their own lives. We all hear people make comments like: “I just don’t have time for family and friends” Here is a tip: “Make time”. 

Being surrounded by people is always good for your mental health but one must understand who they are surrounded by, yes this is bit complicated now here comes the game of intuitions. We always get this inner voice where people can differentiate between good vibe people and negative ones. So, be smart and choose positive people as they will spread their positivity to you as well. 


Lend a helping hand: 

Lending a helping hand is a powerful weapon for increasing confidence in yourself and mastering your helping skills. It is always beneficiary to help a needy person as it will boost your social development along with a sense of satisfaction. 


Find meaning and purpose and work towards goals. 

Feeling like life is meaningless is a hallmark of depression. It is crucial to have meaningful personal goals. Research consistently finds that the process of working towards a goal is as important as the goals themselves. Sometimes people set goals that seem impossible and when people fail to achieve them it makes them disappointed. Setting realistic goals is helpful. Having goals is not the same as being perfectionist. Perfectionists set themselves up to fail because no one is perfect. Being a little kind to yourself and understanding that you are going to make mistakes in life is a part of accepting yourself and it is good for your psychological health. 


Find hopes and maintain faith: 

When things seem dark, it really helps to have a sense of faith and hope about the future and a belief that goals can eventually be achieved. Pessimists may claim that they are more in touch with reality but little positive illusions never hurt. 


Enjoy the beautiful things in life: 

The ability to appreciate beauty is aesthetic. There’s a lot of negativities in world- wars, disease, violence is all around. Depressing right? Being able to appreciate the beautiful things is a saving grace in a world that’s so often unattractive. The experience of beauty varies from person to person. Some may see beauty in the sun shining through the clouds whereas some may find cloudy clouds more attractive. It completely depends on your view. But the important thing is to see beauty and appreciate it. 


Struggle to overcome; Learn to let go: 

Being able to effectively cope with challenges is crucial to maintain psychological and physical well-being. Each person has a variety of skills and techniques used to cope with stress and adversity. Here is the best general advice for coping with struggle is control over and keeping a positive mindset. One should understand that things cannot remain the same forever, this is nature’s rule, we must always follow the rule of going with a flow and accept the change.