Signs you need a Mental Break

April 30, 2022

Signs you need a Mental Break

Just like rest days are important for people doing hard physical work to recover from all the wear and tears their muscles and joints go through, the same way mental breaks are important for your mental health to recover from all the turmoils it goes through. 

In today's fast-paced world, especially, in the wake of new work culture called the 'hustle culture' people have obliged things like working till late and working on weekends as normal and key practices to get ahead in these competitive times. Therefore, the dynamics of every profession has changed be it a teacher, watchman, student, corporate employee, businessmen, or even a home-maker. Stress, anxiety problems and tiredness is something that is faced by everyone in their day to day life. At times, it gets difficult to differentiate passion from exhaustion. Working continuously without taking care of yourself can really have an impact on your moods, emotions, thoughts and general functioning. 

Therefore, don't stress out too much, at last, you are just a monkey with a career or say job, this monkey also has a life beyond job. So, if you really feel like taking a break, then take it as it could be a viable solution to recharge, recollect and realign yourself to return back with more efficiency and emotional clarity. 

Below are key signs that indicate you might be in need for a break :

1. Cynicism about work

2. Lack of Energy

3. Lack of motivation

4. Low mood

5. Poor performance at work

6. Sleep and appetite disturbances

7. Using drugs or alcohol to cope up with stress

8. Physical symptoms like headaches and stomachs.