Procrastination is very common problem

March 25, 2021

Procrastination is very common problem

What exactly is procrastination?

Procrastination means when we delay our work, we don't feel like doing it and postpone it even though that work seems to us very important.

"I am happy the way I am is not so much a state of genuine contentment but the fear of being even worse if the change process fails hence we decide to live on our own rather than attempt to leave it ."

 So fear of being a failure in any attempt or taking any action which requires lots of effort and uncomfortable situation which we want to avoid we don't want to do such work though maybe that work is very important for us the thought that I might be failing in it, we don't get enough motivation to do that work.

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Three main factors that influence procrastination are -


When I am fearful of negative results which creates anxiety so I don't get enough motivation to do particular tasks.

Low frustration tolerance

When I feel like I will not be able to tolerate my failure so I don't take any step towards my goal. Basically fear that same feeling that I might feel when I will be a failure if I don't work towards my goal.


When somebody else wants us to do something but we are not ready for it as when parents want their child to study but kids are not ready to do it. It creates rebellious emotions inside kids and they are not motivated to study.

How can we work on procrastination?

Setting priorities

First, we will have to set our priorities for what we want to achieve as it is very important to sort out our tasks which are urgent, important, and not so important than to make a decision which works to do first.

Clarity on why

why this work is important for us Clarity on it is very important otherwise we will not be motivated to do it. Your why gives you purpose to live. purpose to do any work so defining why is very important.

Working on our failure thoughts
Then working on thoughts of failure in that area is the most important step to take. Educating them about failure is a part of the journey. It is inevitable we should not be afraid of it. Our right is only over efforts not over results.

In this way systematically we can work towards procrastination.