Negative Emotions

April 11, 2021

Negative Emotions

Feeling negative emotions is a part of human life. We all human beings feel negative emotions very frequently in our lives. Anger, anxiety, guilt, hurt, jealousy, are very common emotions that we feel very frequently in our lives. But as human beings, we also have one tendency to avoid these negative emotions. We level these negative emotions as bad negative emotions.

We should not be jealous, we should not be hurt and we avoid and try to escape negative emotions, they create anxiety inside us. That creates much more disturbance inside us. So, these emotions come into us with denying our negative emotions, not accepting our negative emotions. These emotions are called Meta emotions. It means emotions about emotions.

Many people have guilt about their depression as they feel that they are letting down other people. So they try to compensate with these feelings to do overwork for people. We have such thoughts or such values inside us that I should be contributing to our home. If we are not able to do it, we start feeling guilty. This guilt actually creates anxiety inside us. So they deserve a vicious cycle.

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Let’s start recognizing our negative emotions and accept them fully. Accept that we are human beings and we have such negative emotions. We can feel anger, we can feel anxiety, we can be jealous, we can be envious at times. Because we are human beings. When we validate our feelings, we will start accepting our negative feelings as natural and normal. We will be able to manage them. But if we try to escape from them, avoid them and think they are not good, and level them as they are bad, it will create more mental and emotional disturbance inside us.

So for mental and emotional well-being, let’s acknowledge and accept our negative emotions and manage them properly.