How Yoga can help to increase your mental strength?

February 07, 2022

How Yoga can help to increase your mental strength?

Yoga needs no introduction for what it is. This very ancient Indian body nurturing exercise and meditation practice is a hit trend everywhere. The formation of different poses and the alignment of the whole body throughout doing them easily make a person feel better both physically and mentally. There are different workout forms in Yoga, be it relaxing, semi-active, or actively rigorous, they all vary from person to person on the basis of their interest and willpower to perform on a daily basis.

Yoga is not just limited to maintaining the good health of a person, but it interacts with the emotional and spiritual notes of human existence as well. Doing any form of workout or exercise in yoga is actually preaching, worshiping the ultimate form of life. Nature is the mother of every living being, and hence Yoga is the worship of Mother Nature and all of her symbols of natural persistence.

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How does yoga help mental health?

The scientific answer to this is, when a person practices yoga regularly, they tend to develop new connections in the brain cells, which help to improve and better the functionality of the human body. Whilst the natural side of this could be seen when a person starts to feel happier, lighter on stress, anxiety, and emotional down upon. If you see your friend not taking tension on their life problems after some regular yoga practice, then the credit solely goes to the decision of adopting yoga culture into the everyday lifestyle.

Yoga especially, its breathing and meditation poses and practices leads to increase balance and strengthening the brain. So if a person gets nervous often, or doesn't handle pressure well, can start off with yoga to get immediately assisted with mental stability issues. The main reason why people are getting more attached to yoga is, compared to regular cardio, which quickly helps to strengthen muscles, yoga actually develops and improves cognitive skills in humans, such as learning and memory.

What statistics say about yoga?

There are plentiful analyses done of people who regularly practice yoga versus people who do not practice it. One such study done using MRI scans and other related brain imaging technology has clearly shown that people regularly practicing yoga exercise had a more developed cerebral cortex. This is the area of the brain responsible for information processing. This is not it, yoga practitioners also had a better hippocampus (brains area involved in learning and memory) as compared to the nonpractitioners of yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga is also a guarantee of bringing emotional and mental relief and improving a person's everyday mood. Any form of exercise naturally helps to boost the mood in a person by generally lowering the stress hormones. With yoga, the cells of the body and muscles indulged in it get to relax often, with the active exercises of yoga increasing the production of happy and feel-good hormones like endorphins. So, more and more generation of oxygenated blood ultimately helps to better the health of the person and improves their occasional mood swings. Yoga even helps to help with mood swings by elevating levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

Yoga vs Bad lifestyle -

Listen to the people who themselves tell the magical benefits of yoga. Suman, a 29-year-old working lady from Maharashtra, quotes "My life absolutely changed 3 months after she started doing yoga asanas. Pranayama and other meditation and breathing exercises made me feel more energized and full of happy emotions week after week. Now I am even able to work for more hours without getting stressed too much as compared to taking a lot of tension back 6 months when I wasn't practicing."

Sameer, 27 years from Bihar, narrates that he was very much addicted to taking drugs and steroids on a regular basis. But since he started yoga practice and relaxation exercises, he slowly felt not relying on cigarettes for relieving his anxiety and mental stress. Now he has subsequently reduced from consuming 3 bunches of cigarettes to just a few per day. He is very hoping to completely abandon his smoking habit, and the steroids he has left already.

Yoga is always a positive approach towards a better and healthier life. In these fast-living times, not everyone has a lot of time in their everyday schedule. But with just 1 hour of everyday practice, people are likely to get very much relieved from their future problems, very much related to health and emotional stress.