How to calm amygdala?

June 20, 2022

How to calm amygdala?


Can I calm my amygdala and if I can, how is it going to help me? Many of you must have this question. 

The amygdala is found in the midbrain, looks like two small almond-shaped clusters whose primary role is to process emotions and memories associated with fear. The primary function of amygdala is to regulate the fear response. When our amygdala gets over-activated, it works as a ‘short-cut’ and may override our rational thinking brain. This can cause a high level of anxiety!  

Yes, this can create a problematic situation and this is the reason why learning to keep calm our amygdala is mandatory for managing our anxiety level and increasing calm to our mind. 

When we experience discomfort and feel concern about our daily life that may include our work life, children’s wellbeing or our own self-care. This type of concern and increasing anxiety may consume our attention and awareness, making us feel fatigued, hopeless and confused about how to deal with all this at once. All of these signs can make our amygdala overly-engaged. 

Amygdala can control the rational brain processes. It may cause nights with sleeplessness, emotional damage, increased drugs or alcohol consumption also it may cause symptoms of anxiety, depression and obsessive/compulsive behavior. 

One can work on calming our amygdala down by: 

Mindfulness meditation exercise on a regular basis:  Many studies including Harvard neuroscience research lab have been studying the effects of mindfulness on mind. 

They found that with meditation: 

  • anxiety and depression can be decreased  
  • Stress reduction can be done 
  • Size of the amygdala can be decreased
  • Cognition, attention and working memory can be improved