Growing up with psychology

November 21, 2022

Growing up with psychology

According to psychology, one must go with the choices that scare one the most because these choices will help one to grow.  

Growing up with psychology has two sides, one is where you grow with a psychological mindset, and the second is when you grow in a psychological environment.   

Let’s say, both of your parents are psychologists, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it depends as nobody can tell if having psychologists' parents is a good thing or not. Some people seem to think it would scar a kid because everything she does would be overanalyzed. But that’s not fair. If a parent is a pediatrician, would people expect her to leave her medical knowledge at the door and not treat her children if they become ill? Of course not. But anything can be overdone.  

One of the largest areas of psychological study is psychological development. Although many people think of children when they hear the term, developmental psychology covers the entire span of human life. Lifespan psychology is the study of human psychological development from conception until death.  

According to Adam Cash, cognitive behavioural therapy is the study of the development and maturation of thinking. A Swiss psychologist named Jean Piaget is the father and reigning king of cognitive developmental theory. Piaget began thinking about thinking as he watched his children grow up, analyzing their behavior and theorizing about the thoughts running through their little heads. I guess having a psychologist for a parent really can be kind of scary.  

Piaget is considered to be a mentalist: because his theory holds that a person’s overt behavior is due in a large part to how she thinks about the world. Piaget emphasized how you think, instead of what you know. After all, a dictionary contains a lot of information, but can it solve the equation 2+2? Piaget defined intelligence as the collection of mental abilities that help an organism adapt. He also suggested that intelligence involves seeking cognitive equilibrium- a harmonious balance between an individual’s thinking and the environment. You constantly encounter novel situations and stimuli from your environment. These new experiences challenge the human mind, which leads to an imbalance. Thinking is the process that restores the balance.  

A mindset is considered to be a belief that orients the way we handle the situation in our daily lives and figures out what has to be done and what are opportunities available. A psychological mindset has a growth mindset and looks for better alternatives when the doors are shut. Growing up with a psychological mindset has a huge impact on moving towards positivity and looking for other possibilities.