Good Personal Habits

September 19, 2022

Good Personal Habits

Firstly, we must know what habits are??  

Any practice we perform for a long duration and it is very hard to give up can be considered as habits. 

Basically, habits are behaviors or actions we perform regularly, some may be good to perform where you enjoy them whereas on the other hand, some are annoying to others and for us as well. Habits are a very deep topic that we cover and we do them subconsciously, you do have control over your habits. 

Habits don't just simply appear. They are learned behaviors that work almost like a reflex over time. These repetitive actions are triggered by a certain context or automatic thought pattern. For example: Brushing your teeth, washing hands, eating habits and many more. Also, way to your home is great example of your subconscious mind activity because generally you have to think or ask for routes but once you develop the habit of going daily you don’t think anymore and your mind automatically starts processing that is why sometimes you don’t even realize and you found yourself at your home because you have done it so many times not it is working on its own. This kind of repetitive consistency has turned the action into a habit. 

The idea of habits is a very simple concept but directly linked with science. All habits start as part of a psychological pattern, also called a habit loop. 

According to 

The super simple version of Duhiggie Smalls’ habit loop framework is: 

1.  The Cue: This is what triggers or kick-starts your habitual behavior. 

2.  The Routine: This is habitual behavior. 

3.  The Reward: This is what the behavior does for you, like making dopamine or unmaking stress. 

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Habits can be health promoting or they can be harmful as well, craving for cigarettes or any drug after you wake up or picking up running shoes in the morning for jogging both are habits but you have to decide which habit you want to trap in. Sometimes good habits take time to form and require a lot of effort whereas bad habits are easy to grab with minimal effort. So, why is it so? This is because our brain is designed to provide energy and achieve pleasure by doses of dopamine. Pleasure is an instantaneous, short-lived feeling of euphoria caused by the release of dopamine in the brain, such as when you eat a piece of chocolate. Whereas good habits are hard to form because they are more related to responsibility and determination. 

This is us who have to decide whether you have to adopt good personal habits or get in trap with dopamine doses.