Cherophobia- Fear of Happiness

August 15, 2022

Cherophobia- Fear of Happiness

When we hear the word fear, we usually picture fear of heights, snakes, fire, water and what not. It's hard to wrap one’s mind around the idea that a person could be afraid to be happy. 

“People living with cherophobia are not always fearful of the pleasant feelings happiness can bring, but are, in fact, more concerned about the possible negative effects.” 

This is really sad that many people may have developed a fear of happiness but may not recognize it, and call themselves introverts, because they do not want to enjoy or have some fun at parties or gatherings as these things generally bring happiness to a human mind. 

Past or traumatic events and physical or emotional damage can create such strong memories it hides other joyful events that can happen. When a powerful and negative memory develops around happiness it can destroy an individual permanently and let a person live in darkness for his entire life and the surprising part is that a person has no idea that he is suffering from fear of happiness. It contributes to avoiding opportunities for joy out of the fear that something bad lurks around the corner. 

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Symptoms of fear of happiness: 

Being disconnected from reality- Person feels disconnected from reality and creates an imaginative world of negativity. 

Being in a state of confusion- A person suffering from fear of happiness remains in confusion all the time and feels difficult to make their own decisions. 

Fear of public speaking- They are not able to speak in public, not even in front of a few people as they are afraid to be judged by people. 

Numbness and Nausea 


Seeking help from psychologist- Asking help from psychologist is an immediate action to be taken as a person suffering from fear of happiness may remain in the state of sadness for so long. 

Discuss with close ones- Close ones play a very important role for sad people, talking with loved ones may help a lot 

Mind Meditation- This works as magic as meditation makes the mind calm and peaceful, reduces negativity. 

Need to understand the difference between reality and imagination.