Building a better you.

January 20, 2023

Building a better you.

According to Adam Cash, building a better version of yourself starts with assessing the problem and testing the psyche. 

People go to psychologists or another mental health professional usually because they are experiencing strong negative emotions or facing difficulties in their everyday lives. Just like when visiting a general physician, a person goes to a psychologist’s office with a complaint issue or problem. A lot of times the individual is looking for answers because he is unsure about what’s really going on, the psychologist listens and tries to assess the full extent of the problem attempting to gain a full sense of the patient’s situation. If the psychologist gets the problem wrong she won’t be able to fix it. 

Naming the problem: The first step towards any problem is to recognize and clearly define the problem. Psychologists use specific tools and techniques for that very purpose. 

Documenting history: There may be as many interview techniques in the psychological world as there are individual psychologists out there. Everyone has a different way of getting at relevant information.  

Often, although people begin therapy with a lot to say and get off their chests they are overwhelmed and sometimes have a hard time knowing exactly how to describe their experiences. Therapy is not always so cut and dried but psychologists typically try to stricture the first interview with the following steps: 

1.  Clarify the presenting problem 

2.  Gather a history of the patient’s physical health 

3.  Explore the patient’s physical health 

4.  Gather a thorough history of any psychological problems. 

Examining mental status: Throughout the initial interview, the psychologist looks for specific behavioral, cognitive, and emotional indicators of psychological disturbance. This is called a mental status examination (MSE). Typically, the psychologist observes the below-mentioned status areas: 




Mood and affect 

Thought content 

Thought process 


Intellectual functioning 

Attention/concentration and memory 


Psychological testing: Psychological testing is a part of the entire psychological assessment process. Assessment is a set of scientific procedures used to measure and evaluate an individual’s behavior and mental processes. Psychologist Anne Anastasi, a past president of the American Psychological Association and distinguished researcher in psychological assessment defines a psychological test as an objective standardized sample of behavior or mental processes. Tests can formalize data based on observations. Nearly all topics in psychology can be measured with a test. 

A test is objective if it meets acceptable standards in six  important areas: 


Relying on tests 

Trusting tests 

Testing types 

Intelligence testing 

Neuropsychological and cognitive testing 


We at Compassionate Minds help people to understand their mental state and provide them with a peaceful and calm solution to any problem.   

We assure you that we are here for you.