Being Conscious

November 07, 2022

Being Conscious

Being conscious is like having a light on in the brain. When the light is off you are unconscious. Consciousness allows you to monitor your surroundings and your environment where you can control your actions and behaviors. Since the beginning of time people have been trying to alter their consciousness. According to psychologists, consciousness is considered as a current state of internal and external stimuli awareness. 

Human beings are conscious of themselves along with the worlds around them, activities they perform, their mental states and their bodies. 

The term ‘conscious’ is used most frequently to refer to the condition of people and other creatures when they are awake and responsive to sensory stimulation. 

Consciousness is an elusive concept. You know it’s there, but it is hard to put your finger on it. For example- I don’t usually hear the heartbeat when I am involved in some activity but I can totally hear it when I want to hear. This is all about consciousness, when I become conscious of something that I was unconscious of before I become aware of it and I pay attention towards it. 

According to Adam Cash, here are some classifications and way of measuring or determining the presence of consciousness: 

Normal Consciousness: When a person is aware, responsive to the environment related to speech and behaviors with some fluctuations relative to concentration and alternatives. 

Confusion: When the thinking is altered, less clarity and inattentiveness which includes disorientation where there is lowered awareness with immediate environment and distractibility which is something referred to as delirium. 

Coma: When a person is asleep and incapable of responding to external stimuli. 

Subjective experience of your own awareness: When a person is aware of his own awareness that involves realizing or being aware that you are either aware or sleep. 

Other’s observations and deliberate actions: One of the most important features of awareness is that it motivates our behaviors. Sometimes, I act impulsively and reflexively. When someone does something willfully, it is assumed he or she is conscious. 

Measurement of the brain’s electrical activity: Consciousness can be observed psychologically, in addition to behaviorally, through the measurement of brain activity.  

Consciousness of the core- self: Awareness of bodily states and “here and now” moment by moment awareness. 

Consciousness of the Core-self: This type of consciousness states the sense of me and selfness. 

Consciousness of Autobiographical self: Awareness of linear timeline of the core self over the time in both past and future. 

Mind on mind as this is considered a meditative state of consciousness an atypical form of consciousness but not necessarily abnormal or maladaptive. As with other states of consciousness, the focus of or object of attention differs with meditation.  

Mind meditation is considered to be a mental enhancement technique. There are many different forms of meditation that differ in subtle ways; the focus of meditation is one’s own thought or on a statement or phrase repeated over and over. Practicing meditation has always been associated with positive health benefits for reducing stress and depression. It is said that through meditation one can improve the level of consciousness and mental health.  

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